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‘The race in a large number of seats is so tight that the result is currently too close to call,’ the BBC said on its website.‘There are 76 seats that our predictions show as being too close to call.’ That means the Tories could actually gain the necessary seats to govern.Speaking to her, it seems much of this determination is drawn from attempts to silence her protests, including in the form of death threats.But she is also driven by a sense that others – including a lot of the country’s business leaders – are holding back for fear of the abuse they will face should they dare to voice their concerns.According to the company’s data, 24 percent of its users are “seriously interested” in group sex.

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She is now attempting to form a minority government, seeking support from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (read ‘A surfeit of votes’).

And she is equally determined to root-out any mis-truths and misconceptions about the importance of the Single Market and the impact of immigration.“In Yorkshire, just like anywhere else, you’ll have a lot of people involved in businesses who are in absolute despair at the prospect of a hard Brexit,” she claims.“Unless they stand up and speak, we will have the one thing we don’t need and that’s a hard Brexit.

And that will be hugely damaging for the economy.“Your readers – real human beings – will lose their jobs, and their livelihoods will be diminished, and it wont just be them, it will be their children and their grandchildren.“That’s real – that’s not scare, that’s not project fear...

What will this mean for imminent Brexit negotiations?

And for how long will May be able to hang on as prime minister?

the amount of trade we do with [the EU].“It’s not the fault of people who voted Brexit – they’ve done that in good faith.