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13-Feb-2016 00:24

The repeal is the latest of several passed by the House of Representatives under the Congressional Review Act, part of what Trump and members of Congress have described as an effort to ease over-regulated industries.

"In eliminating this rule I am continuing to keep my promise to the American people to get rid of wasteful regulations," Trump said during Thursday's signing ceremony.

Because this is a blog focusing on Cantwell, I’m just going to leave that it’s equally outrageous that unmarried men are assumed to be gay and questioned publically about it.

The other female senator, Barbara Mikulski, is 76 – the Internet has seemed to have spared her from discussion of her marital status.

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But without much effort, I was able to find that in the past two years, there has been a lot of focus on Senator Cantwell’s marital status.

What’s not an appreciated fluffy piece is a blog post like the one in the Seattle Weekly which attempts to timeline Senator Cantwell’s dating history.