Who is stefano langone dating

27-Aug-2016 20:25

Haley is an American singer, songwriter and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois.

She was born unto a family of musicians that did cover songs of the famous Rock songs from the 60s and 70s.

The Twilight Saga has officially merged with American Idol.

Following two months of dating and four months of an engagement, Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald got married in Malibu yesterday, as the actress gushed to Us Weekly: Paul Mc Donald didn't win a recording contract on American Idol, but the experience did earn him a fiancee.

In an interview with People, the aspiring singer confirmed that he and Twilight star Nikki Reed are engaged.

She served as a lifeguard for four years prior to auditioning for American Idol at the Family Aquatic Center, a waterpark at the Wheeling Park District, Reinhart first auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol but didn’t advance to the Hollywood round.

Gordon Ramsay doesn't like Stefano Langone's mom's penne.