Wsus client updating but not showing up in list

11-Apr-2016 00:34

Step 35: Next, double-click Enable client-side targeting.

wsus client updating but not showing up in list-26

updating a bios

Yes you can force a Windows client to download and install updates when you want.

Right-click All Computers and select Add Computer Group…Enter the name of the group.

I entered the same group name that I had specified in my GPO (Step 35). Step 39: Now, we can either wait for the GPO to be automatically applied to our test computer or, if you are impatient like me, we can speed things up. Open up Command Prompt as Administrator and run 3 commands as shown below. You will see that your test computer has appeared in the list.

So when client initiate machine policy,it communicate with management point which includes the software update client feature installation instructions to be installed or applied on the client.

In this process, Client will create local GPO with WSUS Settings by leaving automatic updates .When a general maintenance window and software updates maintenance window are both configured, clients install software updates only during the software updates maintenance window.

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